Practice Pearls

Protecting your Practice Pearls

Financial summit for dentists and dental practices

Your choice makes a difference

When is the last time your dental practice negotiated insurance fees?

Do you know the reports to review in overseeing your financial information?

Can you confidently print accurate treatment plans?

What are the systems and protocols your dental practice has implemented?

Are your outstanding dental insurance claims out of control?

Why This Workshop?

When it comes to the business of your dental practice, there are some vital considerations:  back-to-back accountability between the two accounting software, securing patient payments, maximizing insurance payments, insurance negotiations, overseeing practice reports, just to name a few.

What You Will Learn

Structured first for the dentist, then the team, this intense hands on workshop focuses on your practice’s reports:  Adjustment, Deposit Detail, Audit Trail, Production, Outstanding Insurance Claims, Office Fees and Insurance Fee Schedules.

Led by two leading experts in the dental industry, the doctor and their team will leave knowing how to review and interpret these reports, how to negotiate the dental insurance allowables, how to confidently print accurate treatment plans, how to create back-to-back accountability between dual software, and where money is left on the table…or out the door.

This all day workshop includes two breakout sessions: one designed for the dentists and one designed for up to three team members separately. Because of the structure of this summit, team members may not attend without their dentist. This limited workshop size is to ensure maximum knowledge acquirement.

Your investment receives books, immediate implemental material, checklists, 6 hours CE Credit, beverages, snacks, lunch and access to Susan Gunn and Dana Moss.

Who Are Your Experts?

This workshop is led by Susan Gunn and Dana Moss, the dental industry’s leading experts
in financial organization and insurance, respectively.

Susan Gunn, Founder of Susan Gunn Solutions, is known for being a Riveting Speaker, Relatable Author, Relatable Business Consultant and Ruthless Fraud Examiner. An internationally recognized speaker, Susan holds the audience with her 27 year business consulting experiences with dental practices. Her publications are noted as references to the most credible systems and controls for dental business management. She is truly considered the expert in Financial Organization in order to oversee and protect your practice. For more information, click here. 

Dana Moss, founder of PPO Dental Consulting, is a business coach with a focus on dental insurance. She is a money finder, PPO practice builder, and team motivator, ready to empower dental services to increase profitability without sacrificing service-oriented care. Dana has refined the fundamental solutions for developing a patient centered and lucrative practice. Dana has worked as a front office coordinator, insurance specialist, office manager and practice administrator. Her 19 years of experience in leading PPO practices bring first hand knowledge of what it takes to be profitable in today’s dental insurance world. For more information, click here

Where Is This Workshop?

We are very excited to host this important workshop in the Heart of the Entertainment District of Arlington, TX, a short drive from DFW International Airport.

International Bowling Museum & Hall of Fame

621 Six Flags Dr.
Arlington, TX 76011

What It Will Cost

$595 for the Dentist plus $350 each for up to 3 team members.

Because of the structure of this workshop, team members or spouses may not attend without their dentist.

What you will bring

For Dentist & Spouse Sessions:

  • 2022 Profit & Loss Report
  • 2022 Balance Sheet Report
  • 2021 Profit & Loss Report
  • Adjustment Report (By Types)
  • Deposit Detail Report
  • Audit Trail Report (Financial)
  • Deleted Transactions Report

For Team Member Sessions:

  • Your Practice’s Insurance Breakdown
  • Offices Fees (for all codes used)
  • Insurance Fee Schedules (in network, from the Insurance Companies not software)
  • Production Report
  • 12 Month Procedure Code Report
  • Outstanding Insurance Claim Report  90/60/30 days (all 3)

What you will take away

  • Protecting Your Practice Pearls Workbook
  • Book: Money In, Money Out
  • 3 Valuable Check Lists
  • Tips that may pay for this workshop
  • A greater financial understanding
  • How to create. review & interpret practice reports
  • How to negotiate your insurance allowables
  • How to create financially accurate treatment plans
  • Customized insurance breakdown
  • System for chasing outstanding claims
  • Steps to create back-to-back accountability with dual software
  • Where you are leaving money on the table…or out the door.



Registration & Mingling

Fruit bar, yogurt, pastries with coffee, tea and water


General Session

Prompt start, we will begin the day establishing the foundation of the day’s learning


Breakout Sessions

Susan will break out with Dentists & Spouses to learn about protecting the financial pearls and Dana with Team Members to learn about negotiating fees with insurance companies

12 Noon


Yummy eats and treats await the attendees as we discuss what we learned thus far



Susan will breakout attendees to learn more financial organizational specifics

Dana will breakout with attendees to learn more insurance and treatment plans


Wrapping Practice Pearls with a Bow

Time to hash out the final questions and action plans from the day

Dana & Susan are very excited to bring this opportunity to the dental profession. Combining their intellectual property to provide such valuable information is an experience you will not want to miss. This dynamic duo is ready to provide you the information you need to encourage you on the path to a greater success!

Plato wrote “To know, is to know that you know nothing. That is the meaning of true knowledge. “

Come take advantage of this unique learning opportunity.


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